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Develop personalized women’s health and wellness copywriting and content marketing strategy that won’t break the bank!



Educate and inspire your reader by solving her health problems. Build trust in your approach so you convert her to a new client - or returning one. Starting at $250 for a 1000 -1500 word article



Story-based emails are the most authentic way to create community (your stories make the most impact, btw).  Plus, you always own your list so, social media algorithms will never impact your income - or your people.  Starting at $50/email, $200 for a welcome sequence, $125 for a monthly email newsletter




Create authority by sharing a tiny book (30 - 70 pages) that quickly solves a problem.  Use it to collect her email and continue meeting her needs while building trust.  Starting at $500 for copy only + $750 for copy and design


To get the best results from your personalized marketing strategy, I maintain a project minimum of $225.00.  We can then create a multi-point plan that targets each of the factors for success.  This will help you maximize the internet as your primary source of marketing. 


Ask about monthly retainers and bundled packages for consistent content.  It's the most profitable use of your investment.

All of my prices include:

  • One round of edits before you publish to your website.

  • Search Engine Optimization to highlight your article amongst the millions of other options.

  • Non-clickbait headlines that offer honest solutions and accurate information.

  • Consumer research that vibes with your new client.

  • Emotive images that deepen the impact of your words.

  • Current research that makes you the authority in your field.

  • Editing for your voice and style, spelling, grammar, and plagiarism.  


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