• Iris Grattan

Self Acceptance Hastens Your ReBalance

Homeopathy gives a novel understanding of how to see yourself as you move through sickness toward healing. The real you has yet to be revealed. So, be compassionate with yourself.

Photo by Clarke Sanders

In homeopathic philosophy, the personality, emotions, and thinking of a person while sick is the manifestation of that disease.

This means when you’re sick, it isn’t the real you. It’s the “you” that manifests as your body reacts to the process of fighting off disease and regaining balance.

Your mood swings, snappy responses, insecurity, anxiety, etc may really be a manifestation of your current state of dis-ease.

I think you know this to some extent. I hear mothers guiltily recount moments of short-tempered responses to their children or husband.

A close friend of mine apologizes for hangry (anger due to hunger) incessantly.

But from the perspective of homeopathic medicine, it means your negative emotions are temporary!

This should bring peace. Let’s pause to do a happy dance right now!

Nevertheless, what do you do after an explosive moment?

Self-acceptance. That’s the first step in dealing with your emotions and behaviors while you’re still getting to healthy.

Self-acceptance reminds me of floating in a pool. I don’t really know how to swim. But I do know how to float. And once I got the hang of it, I realized floating boils down to trust: trusting the water to keep me from drowning (kinda ironic).

With a teacher nearby and instruction, I learned to relax and drift back into the water. The physics of buoyancy keeps me afloat. And it works every time.

Self-acceptance feels the same way to me. When I’ve let go of who I think I should be at that moment, I sink into a safe, warm place where I experience a strong sense of reassurance.

That's love based on the truth of who I am and not on the disappointing behavior I just engaged in.

You can, of course, skip this step and jump right into adaptogens, eliminating food sensitivities, taking homeopathic medicine, etc, etc.

But before you plan a meal, buy an herb or a homeopathic tincture, you can build self-acceptance today with an affirmation.

I didn’t like using affirmations for a long time. They seemed like fluff. So I got around the advertising of them by renaming them “truth cards”.

Yeah, it doesn’t sound pretty but it reminds me of the reality of what I'm about to write and read.

I’ve collected them from resources like the Bible, The Artist’s Way, and Louise Hay’s website.

The ones most effective are the ones I create. Even if very simple.

“I am Iris Michelle Grattan. I am enough now”

I understand that as I rebuild my self-care support system, I’m vulnerable to all types of attacks.

And to be honest, my spirit fights back. My emotions get riled up. Something inside of me says “This is a lie. Stop fronting Iris.”

As the quote states, it’s counter-cultural to like one’s self as one is.

It’s also a spiritual war-cry to say I’m fearfully and wonderfully made and mean it.

But, I’m the one that has to work through the resistance to accept myself.

I must give myself the room to be who I am at this moment.

My emotional capacity expanded with this practice.

I recite the truth 1x a day but they stick. I've been able to pivot quickly and pull myself out of a berating diatribe.

Today I’m giving you a tool to increase the capacity of your spirit to handle the “difficult you” that’s surfaced because of your health challenges.

Speak the truth to yourself. Consistently.

Base your truth on facts that are unconditional.

You’ve seen sneak peeks and glaring observations of your greatness.

God's spoken great things over your life.

People love you.

Use all of that reality to build your affirmations and truths.

As you get closer to your optimal health and well being the true you emerges, according to homeopathy.

While you're on the journey of recovery, though, use affirmations from solid sources to remind yourself of who you truly are.

One day you won't need them.

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To a better period asap!