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A 12-Week Program to Harmonize Your Hormones

(so you fix your period, lose weight, reduce pain, and stress-less)

Doesn't it seem like forever since you felt good?  I mean so good you forget what it felt like to be sick.  And being well just felt normal.  As if this was the only way to be.  And the way you'd always be.  Can you remember that long ago?


In reality, though, you've been struggling with hormonal problems since you can remember.  And now you're getting older.  The scale keeps rising or tipping in the wrong direction.  And your period problems are really wreaking havoc.


I bet you're reading all the advice you can.  Putting it into practice by trial and error. Hoping you can figure out what your body wants.  

There’s lots of misinformation though.  And while you're trying to figure it out, your migraines, insomnia, and cramps are crippling you.


I'm sure your efforts leave you feeling negative or hopeless.   You’ve suffered alone for most of your journey.  This shouldn’t be the case - but it is.

Maybe you're ready to give up and schedule that surgery.   Add another prescription to the list.  Or stay on birth control anyway.

Don't do it just yet!  Because you can...


✔ Feel wonderful to be back in sync with your body


✔ Finally, feel in full control of your monthly cycles  

✔ Understand the root causes of your suffering


✔ Replace your body’s lethargic, sluggish response with vitality and energy

But You Need Personal Attention.  (Especially if you've tried this long!)

That's where I step in.  


Hi (again)!  I'm Dr. Iris Grattan.  I'm a Naturopathic Doctor - a practitioner trained to support your body's innate ability to heal itself.


It's clear a number of obstacles block your body's ability to balance your hormone and shed weight.  But when we work together we discover the reasons why and fix them.  And, if any of these conditions complicate your situation, I can help.

  • Autoimmune Conditions

  • Pre/Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome

  • Hormonal Imbalances (i.e. fibroids, endometriosis, adenomyosis, PCOS, peri/menopause, etc.)

  • Obesity, Bariatric Surgery Weight-REgain

  • Arthritis, Joint Pain, Back Pain

  • Acute Injuries 

  • Digestive Complaints

  • Nerve System Disease (i.e. Parkinson's)

  • Mind-Body (i.e. Insomnia, Depression)

  • Cardiac conditions (i.e. Afib, high blood pressure)

Using natural, energetic, and mind-body medicine I've helped women get their well-being back.  With FirstLine Therapy you can recover your own health - instead of just reading about another's success.

What is FirstLine Therapy 


FirstLine Therapy is a "therapeutic lifestyle" program.  That means you learn to live a life that heals your body.  Your daily choices will reverse and/or reduce disease and the risk of future illness.    

In 12-weeks you can take control of your own health. 


You'll learn:  

✔ the habits that keep you sick

✔ foods that destroy your hormone balance and weight loss goals

✔ supplements to balance your hormones and increase your metabolism 

✔ genetic influences that impact your hormones and weight 

✔ the best food choices for your mood

✔ to create healthy meals - even when your life is hectic.  (You can do it!)

✔ your risks for future illnesses and preventative steps you can take now

Bi-weekly consultations from a Naturopathic Doctor are the most reliable and fast-action way to resolve your hormonal imbalances and weight-loss struggles.


They deal with underlying causes of hormonal imbalance and weight gain like inflammation, blood sugar imbalances, organ dysfunction, or under-function, and associated health complications. 


A personalized eating plan, physical activity, stress management, and Naturopathic medicine are proven tools for balancing hormones and reversing/reducing chronic disease.




You may have so many unanswered questions.  And I'm here to get you started on answering them.


But what if simply changing your diet and exercise doesn't cut it?  


I promote the most natural ideal methods.  Because using naturopathic medicine improves your physical body, sharpens your mental capabilities, and enhances your life.  But we balance that out with practicality, and no judgment if you need to implement less-than-ideal solutions that work for you.  


So why should you feel comfortable working with me?























I don't know if you know my story, but I struggled since the age of 10 with painful, heavy, fatigue-prone menstrual bleeds and cystic acne.​  I couldn't leave my bed, exercise, or enjoy life during the first 4 days of my period until my 30s.  But I suffered for so long because I didn't know I had natural, effective options. 

Do you know what changed?


I learned the power of food to shift my physiology so that I stopped suffering during my period.  In naturopathic medical school, I added supplements that dealt with the underlying causes of my period woes.  


I still maintain a better period than I've ever had in my entire life. 


Now at 43 years old, I ...


✔ experience no PMS whatsoever

✔ manage cramps primarily with homeopathy

✔ wear white because I'm not scared I'll bleed through my clothes

✔ don’t vomit, black-out, or feel nauseous prior to or during my bleed

✔ ovulate so I am more likely to get pregnant (something excess estrogen can prevent)

✔ get up and go at any time during my period because I have the energy


✔ flow with my hormone cycle so I know when to rest (during the bleed) and when to ramp up on life (as the bleed’s dwindling)

✔ go hard on my exercise since I’m no longer anemic (And exercise during my period, if I feel like it)

✔ eat foods that reduce inflammation so my period doesn’t hamper my life with PMS or painful cramps

✔ sleep through the night without having to get up and change my pads

With homeopathy, herbal medicine, and other naturopathic therapies, I’m following proven protocols to shrink fibroids and ovarian cysts, stimulate my body to overcome endometriosis, and support fertility.  (Hey, I have my own doctor!)


Expert care is not a luxury in healing the body.  It’s a mandate!


My clients say things like this:


"feel like they're going in the right direction"

"are prepared to leave the program confident they'll keep the changes"

"didn't know they'd learn so much about themselves"

"didn't know 1/2 cup of rice would be so filling"


— First Line Therapy Clients

Schedule a 30-minute FREE Discovery Call if these things are true for you.



✔ are an 8 /10 to 10 /10 on the scale of readiness 

✔ health is a top priority right now - not 4 or 5 on the list of things of importance

✔ can invest in a non-insurance based medical approach

✔ believe you can make change happen, you just need support

✔ are interested in learning more about your habits and thinking to make changes

✔ are ready to implement the recommendations   

✔ are committed to the long game and not looking for a quick fix

✔ accept the challenge in making changes

The shift in how you treat yourself and communicate with yourself will be profound.  You’ll learn to recognize patterns in your body that will change your internal conversation.  It will initiate a complete 180-degree shift in how you take care of yourself.  You’ll advocate for your body and feel proud of all the changes you've made.  


If that’s what you need - and want - then let’s chat!



What's included in the 12-week First Line Therapy Program?

This all-inclusive program offers 12-weeks of personal attention via 1-1 consultation.  It also includes:

✔ 5 telehealth consultations with a Naturopathic Doctor

✔ specialty lab testing to uncover the root causes at an approximate value of $600.00 

✔ monthly supplements delivered to your home at an approximate value of $150.00/month

✔ personalized meal plans or recipe book

✔ patient guide book 


✔ dining-out guide book 

✔ a shake mixer bottle

✔ lifestyle coaching 

✔ guidelines for staying active

✔ HIPAA-compliant app for telehealth appointments

✔ patient portal for health records

Do you accept health insurance?

No. I can not legally accept health insurance as I'm based in NYC.  Consequently, FirstLine Therapy is a cash-based, all-inclusive program with multi-payment options. 

What specific results can I expect?


Clients typically


✔  lose 1-3lbs of weight every week (if they are compliant with the program)


✔ reduce their individual complaints and concerns around their monthly bleed with little to no pain, bloating, or mood changes

✔ feel equipped to meal prep and plan according to their preferences and schedule

✔ experience a lessening of their perimenopausal symptoms (insomnia, hot flashes, etc.)

✔ reverse insulin resistance 

✔ improve quality of sleep

✔ reduce their carb/sugar cravings and dependency

✔ discovery the type of exercise they like and how to incorporate it into their life

✔  develop personalized, healing self-care habits

✔ stop unhealthy lifestyle habits  

✔ ask for more support from their partners and family - if they are parents or want to become one

✔ create a health care team for themselves as a part of their transformation

✔ have more energy throughout the day

✔ experience sharper memory and improved focus

How long will it take for me to get better?

Each woman is different, as you know.  Some women resolve their hormonal imbalances and reach their health goals in three months.  They tend to be the ones who stick to their personalized recommendations and program.  And have a fairly uncomplicated health picture based on their lab results.


Most women, however, reach their weight loss goals, balance their hormones, and feel prepared to leave the program in 4 - 6 months*.

Getting to the root of your hormonal and weight struggles is the only way to avoid painful and costly procedures and medications. 


It's also the best way to make changes that last. 


Book a call to learn more: how the program can fit your specific needs. And, pricing options.

You're one appointment away from a better life.


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