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She's a naturopathic doctor who booked more patients during the pandemic than at any other time in her practice's history.

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While many practices closed or downsized because of the pandemic, I increased revenue by 150%.  


What boosted my practice income and patients?  Regular exposure and engagement from articles on my website, Instagram and Facebook posts, and email newsletters on topics my patients wanted to read.

I shared my story, answered common questions, and posted pictures of my meals.  Very quickly women began connecting with me online with their stories, challenges, and questions.

It felt amazing to help them.  So many who read my posts were struggling to find the answers.  One young lady commented that she "received more information in our Instagram chat" then her doctor had ever given her.  


Her response, and many of the others, proved to me that people are hungry for natural and integrative medicine.  And this approach allows us practitioners to meet the greatest need of our patients: to be seen, heard, and cared for wholly.

But, without a strong online presence - especially during and after the pandemic when women's health problems were exacerbated by stress and illness - we can't do that.  We don't stand out, our unique message gets lost, and those we're meant to help remain sick - or receive inadequate support.

For this reason, I went part-time with patient care, transitioning to copywriting and content marketing for women's health practitioners.



Copy is all the words written on your website, social media, and any other sources used to promote your business - online or off.  It is, essentially, you in written form. 


Copy builds your brand - your message and what you want to be known for - and helps potential clients or customers learn to know, like, and trust you. 


So, I construct words in such a way that:

  • Google authenticates your web presence as legitimate and authoritative.

  • you solve a problem or meet a need worth someone's money.

  • shares your values, philosophy, and personality since people buy from people - not businesses.

  • helps you achieve your ultimate business goal.



I understand the balancing act of marketing, practice management, patient care, CEU's, and family.  Working with me won’t complicate your life.


I give my best to this work, as I do to patient care, because I enjoy making a difference.  

You'll receive the attention you deserve and high quality deliverables.

Time is your most important resource.  Money is your second.  

You get both when you work with me


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