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You decided to become a women's health practitioner to make a difference in people's lives and an entrepreneur to have more control over your own.

In the past few years - especially since the pandemic - you want to spend more time with your loved ones, though. 


And you've come to terms with the harsh reality that time's passing you by and you have other dreams to live - beyond medicine.

But how do you maintain your practice, increase your income, and live a more fulfilled life without working more hours!?!

I'm Dr. Iris, a naturopathic doctor and women's health and wellness copywriter.


As a fellow practitioner and small business owner, I know the juggling act of helping patients, managing a business, and creating a work-life balance.


And the answer's simpler than you think:


To reach more women already searching for your expertise so you can maintain a steady flow of opportunities, leverage the power of...

  • SEO

  • women's health and wellness copywriting

  • and consistent inbound marketing techniques

(Especially if you want to transition out of the 1-1 model.)


Increase your 

website traffic to reach new clients.

Generate a high return on your marketing dollars.

Demonstrate your expertise.

Build more trust and a stronger connection to your patients.

With a women's health and wellness copywriter using proven inbound marketing strategies you can...

  • Modernize your practice with an information-packed website

  • Personalize your content to your patients' specific problems

  • Answer common questions your patients repeatedly ask

  • Eliminate misinformation from google searches

  • Build your patients confidence that you are leading them in the right way

  • Address trending controversies with your philosophy and expertise 

Imagine transitioning to a cash-based practice because of the influx of patients.

How would more referrals feel?  And then envision adding an associate to handle the influx - giving you more time for your personal endeavors.

What would you do with the extra time and energy you save by not writing your own blogs?  No more researching, editing, designing with beautiful pictures, and publishing.  (Every week, no less.)

That level of consistency and expert information would build unshakeable trust with your current patients and potential ones, wouldn't it?

Why work with Me?

As a naturopathic doctor and health coach for over 10 years, I'm comfortable educating patients using the power of words.

I write comprehensive articles that lean toward 1500 words. 


It's important that my reader knows more than a google search.


My responsibility to educate her on all aspects of the topic - especially when herbal medicine or natural supplements are involved - is of utmost importance. 

With my varied background in education, science, English, research, and clinical medicine, I bring a level of expertise that gives you comfort. 


Your readership will receive information at your comparable level of education and skill.

Yet, I write with the human touch, keeping it simple while being scientific.



With my own blog and social media page, I've...

  • increased my website traffic by 62% 

  • decreased my bounce rate so that readers stay on the page longer

  • expanded my Instagram content engagement to 2.4% (higher than the average of 1.22%)

  • gained more new patients during the 2020+ pandemic than any other time with niche-specific, consistent posting on my Facebook page, Instagram account, and weekly blog articles


(they joined my membership program as well and stayed for the duration of the 6-month)


Service & Rates

I offer expert women's health and wellness copywritten articles and products that build trust and convert readers to patients.

When you hire me, I do more than write for you.  You also receive:

  • 1000 - 1500 word articles

  • Articles that answer questions and concerns of your specific population

  • Formatted articles that are easy to read on desktop or mobile

  • Primary-sourced research from my Ph.D. research assistant

  • Edited articles from my expert, medical copywriting assistant

  • Beautiful images that are royalty-free 

  • Content calendars for the next 1- 3 months based on what you think is important 

  • Quarterly reviews and updates to your marketing goals

  • SEO-driven headlines 

  • Keyword-specific headlines without stuffing so Google doesn't penalize your website for spam

  • Work that hits deadlines


Primary-sourced article: $300 - 1000 

​Blog: $300 - 800

Case study: $300 - 500

Monthly Retainer Packages can bundle-price services and products for a more affordable option. Ask me about them in your free 30-minute consultation.

*** Ebooks, tiny books, and social media management are on a case-by-case basis.

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