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Ready to fill your calendar with your dream patients without doing all the work yourself?

If you’re a women’s health practitioner who knows your audience, attracts clients who desperately seek your help but you’re creating your own materials, handouts, and website…then you’ve come to the right place.


You're passionate about your work. Because nothing—absolutely nothing—compares to the joy of helping, truly helping, just one person.  


But you are, first and foremost, a small business owner.  


That means you’re a…

  • manager 

  • bookkeeper 

  • boss

  • janitor

  • tenant

  • salesperson

  • receptionist

  • cashier

…and marketer - even if you’ve never written or posted an article on social media!


You’ve learned your biggest challenge to stability and growth is educating and managing expectations.  

Because, most people who seek your services know little to nothing about integrative medicine.


  • don’t understand what to expect.

  • don’t stay around long enough to reach their goals.

  • find the therapy too expensive to pursue to an endpoint.

  • leave unsatisfied.


So, you create materials in the form of handouts and a website.  And your front desk employees begin educating your patients from the first call.

But what you really want is to feel the relief of ...

  • focusing, mainly, on patient care.

  • using your precious marketing dollars effectively.

  • having common questions answered before your appointments.

  • spending time with your family instead of completing another marketing module.

  • a confidence-inspiring, clear, actionable marketing plan.


It's time to attract your dream patients without the extra work.


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Receive personalized marketing strategy from an experienced women’s health and wellness copywriter during your first meeting. 



Not weeks after researching online.


Or, reading book after book.  


Or…spending 12K on marketing training! 😲

There’s no reason to fly by the seat of your pants with your business.  You can set a course to reach the next level even if it’s been overwhelming at times.


You can…

  • finally envision the future with excitement, security, and confidence.

  • develop systems that give you freedom.

  • discover a clear path to find patients online (as opposed to local talks and meet-ups).

  • bust out of the “I can’t get started mode” and nail down a starting point.

  • feel confident in your online presence because you’re just as polished and professional as your (secret!) competitor 




Expert women's health copywriting  and content marketing

is your secret sauce!  

You Get:

  • Content marketing strategy for your specific vision and goals.

  • Women's health copywriting material (blogs, emails, web copy, social media posts) that reflects your personality, philosophy, and approach.

  • Search Engine Optimization so your ideal patient can find you online.

  • Professionalism that meets deadlines, communicates swiftly, and exceeds expectation.

  • Images that are royalty-free.

  • New service and product ideas based on your ideal patient.


Receive done-for-you copywriting for women's health.  


No marketing degree required!


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Opt-in Freebie | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
Opt-in Freebie | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
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Social Media Template | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
Social Media Template | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
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Article | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
Article | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
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Ebook | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
Ebook | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
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Ebook | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
Ebook | Women's Health and Wellness Copywriting Example
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Develop personalized women’s health and wellness copywriting and content marketing strategy that won’t break the bank!



Educate and inspire your reader by solving her health problems. Build trust in your medical approach and convert her to a new client - or returning one.

Starting at $250 for a 1500 word article




Nurture your relationship with a new lead who’s open to your services through personable, engaging emails.

Starting at $50/email, $225 for a welcome sequence, $125 for a monthly email newsletter




Create a freebie that quickly solves a problem.  Collect her email to continue meeting her needs and building trust.  

Starting at $225 for copy only + $350 for copy and design




Plug & play templates for LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter so you can up your social media game with consistency - a sign of trust for your ideal client. (Social media management is on a case-by-case basis)

Starting at $50.00/template/tweet



Design your website around the right keywords to attract your dream client.  No more pretty but useless websites. 

Starting at $400/page


*My project minimum is $225. Ask about monthly retainers & bundled packages.





I'll learn about your vision and goals.

We'll decide if this is a good fit.

I'll email you a proposal.




Once you pay your deposit.

One week from your payment, I deliver your test project.

For larger projects, I submit 1/4 of your project every week over a month's time.



I'll email the completed project in a Google docs.

You pay the remaining balance.

You submit revisions for up to two rounds.


We start with a test project (a blog post usually).

Then you click on the link in your email. 

Sign your contract. 

Pay your 50% deposit.



We evaluate the process. 


Talk through any challenges. 


Decide if we want to continue working together.


I can't express how happy I am to work with Iris.  I can tell from the very first consultation, Iris knew what she was talking about.  She asked the right questions.  She understood my client and their issues. 


She was able to help me get direction on how to target my clients, how to use my current social media platforms in a way that I will be able to reach these people without creating an entirely new interface.

...But when she sat with me and helped me understand the information, it was so clear.  I got really good direction on where to go.

I really can't express how happy I am.  [I] feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

Dr. Claudia Guy-Crayton N.D.

Charisma Wellbeing LLC.

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Iris has been great to work with.  She has been able to listen to what I needed to improve my practice and fill the gaps.  Because of her support and input, I have been able to support my practice better and improve my offer so that I'm able to serve my clients better.

Because of her background in alternative health care, she was able to help me piece together the missing pieces to my practice.  

I would recommend her services to every business that's in the business of serving people.

Dr. Kaynne McDermott, N.D.

True Vine Wellness LLC.



A naturopathic doctor who booked more patients during the pandemic than at any other time in her practice's history.

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While many practices closed or downsized because of the pandemic, I increased revenue by 150%.  


What boosted my practice income and patients?  Regular exposure and engagement from articles on my website, Instagram and Facebook posts, and email newsletters on topics my patients wanted to read.

I shared my story, answered common questions, and posted pictures of my meals.  Very quickly women began connecting with me online with their stories, challenges, and questions.

It felt amazing to help them.  So many who read my posts were struggling to find the answers.  One young lady commented that she "received more information in our Instagram chat" then her doctor had ever given her.  


Her response, and many of the others, proved to me that people are hungry for natural and integrative medicine.  And this approach allows us as practitioners to meet the greatest need our patients: to be seen, heard, and cared for wholly.

But, without a strong online presence - especially during and after the pandemic when women's health problems were exacerbated by stress and illness - we can't do that.  We don't stand out, our unique message gets lost, and those we're meant to help remain sick - or receive inadequate support.

For this reason, I went part-time with patient care, transitioning to copywriting and content marketing for women's health practitioners.



I understand the balancing act of marketing, practice management, patient care, CEU's, and family. 

Working with me won’t complicate your life.


I give my best to this work, as I do to patient care, because I enjoy making a difference.  

You'll receive the attention you deserve and high quality deliverables.

Time is your most important resource.  Money is your second.  

You get both when you work with me


Ready to receive done-for-you marketing to attract your favorite type of client and hit your revenue goals - consistently?

Book your free 30-minute consultation. 

I help women’s integrative health practitioners attract their dream patients using customized copywriting for women's health and content marketing strategy. 


My services work best with:

  • Naturopathic Doctors

  • Functional Medicine Doctors 

  • Women's Health Practitioners

  • Integrative Medicine Practitioners

  • Women's Health Nonprofits

  • Women's Health Publications 

  • Women's Health Tech Companies

  • Women's Health Organizations & Hospital Systems



Are you ready for more without doing all the work?



For Women's Health